Poem by R.A.D. Student

When we first came to R.A.D. we were afraid of the shadows
We were timid, unsure, passive and shy
You gave us a dose of pure common sense,
Told us it might not be easy, but encouraged us to try.


We soon learned how to punch, how to kick and to block
With each query,   "Ready?"  We'd proudly say, "NO!"
We eagerly learned how to cause the most damage
As some of us were more than willing to show.


You taught us to focus and just pay attention
We resisted the urge to lash out when just teased
But we learned to fight back if pushed way too far
We can bring them down fast with the "Testicle Squeeze".


Your patience and persistence should be greatly commended
You must be quite sore at the end of the night
But what's a few bruises, a sore neck or a swollen knee cap
If it means that just one of us got the best of the fight.


God forbid we should ever have to use what we learned
But thanks to you both we will all know how to survive
We'll hear you shouting " Hammerfist, Kick, Strike, Block and Parry
And we know we will make it back home alive.

Jeanne R. Fritsche (8/3/2000)


© 2018Houma Police Department